Столешников переулок, д.11, оф.205
Столешников переулок, д.11, оф.205
Type of tour Экскурсионный / excursion
Price 75 000 руб/чел

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+7 (499) 702-03-12

Number of days 8 дней / 7 ночей (8 days / 7 nights)
Meals завтрак, обед, ужин
Accommodation стандарт
You see Иркутск, КБЖД, Аршан, Листвянка, Ольхон

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Tour features:

  • An excursion " historical center of Irkutsk";
  • A unique place - a mountain village in Arshan!
  • A visit to the mineral springs;
  • A visit to Khamorsky datsan;
  • A trip to the thermal springs of Zhemchug (pearl);
  • An excursion to Listvyanka village;
  • A visit to the Baikal Museum;
  • A visit to the Architectural and ethnographic Museum of Taltsy;
  • Olkhon Island - the main attraction of Lake Baikal!
  • A visit to the sacred place - Shaman Rock (Cape Burkhan);
  • A trip to the northern part of Olkhon Island - Cape Khoboy;
  • A water excursion to the island of Ogoy, where the Buddhist stupa of enlightenment is located;

Dates for groups in 2020:


from 30.05 to 06.06 75 000 rub/person
from 13.06 to 20.06 75 000 rub/person
from 27.06 to 04.07 75 000 rub/person
from 11.07 to 18.07 75 000 rub/person
from 25.07 to 01.08 75 000 rub/person
from 08.08 to 15.08 75 000 rub/person
from 22.08 to 29.08 75 000 rub/person
from 05.09 to 12.09

75 000 rub/person

Tour program “Three Pearls of Baikal”:

Day 1

Gathering of the group at the train station or airport in Irkutsk from 8 to 9 a.m.

Travel to the hotel. Accommodation. A little time to relax.

Classic sightseeing tour around Irkutsk (2 hours). Dinner in the historic district of the city (at own expense).

Meals: -

Accommodation: apartment/ hotel (Irkutsk)

Approximate route of the tour program in Irkutsk:

Historical origins of the city, construction of Ostrog, the town Square of Kirov, Spasskaya Church, the Epiphany Cathedral, veterans Boulevard, the Eternal flame, the Regional administration building, the Roman Catholic Church, the Moscow gate, lower quay, Znamensky monastery, the Place of Kolchak execution, Kolchak Monument, the Museum of the Decembrists, a monument dedicated to the wives of the Decembrists, Karl Marx street, local lore museum, tourist monument, Okhlopkov drama theatre, White house, upper quay, the Monument to Alexander III, district 130, Sukachev’s manor.

Day 2

Travel to the starting point of our tour - the Circum-Baikal railway (you can choose from a water or a train excursion)

The beginning of an exciting ride around the Circum- Baikal railway (with stops in all the

interesting places.)

The tour takes all day (lunch at a cafe at own expense).

Trip back to Irkutsk, approximate arrival at 9 p.m.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, supper.

Accommodation: hotel / apartment (Irkutsk)

Day 3


Today another Baikal pearl will be waiting for us – Listvyanka village.

Visit to the Limnological Museum that very clearly presents all the information about the great lake. Exhibitions are devoted to the history of the lake, the specifics of natural landscapes, seismic environment, the animal world of Baikal and the history of its studying.

The aquarium in which tourists can study Baikal fish, crustaceans and even cute and modest nerpas (Baikal seals) is everyone’s favorite exhibition.

On the second floor you will get acquainted with the tiniest inhabitants of Baikal. With the help of electric microscopes, it is possible to study tiny crustaceans, worms, fish eggs etc. in detail.

At the end of the tour you will virtually dive into pure Baikal water. You will have an opportunity to become real researchers!

The climb to the observation point "Chersky Stone" which offers a beautiful view: entire Listvennichny (Larch) Bay, famous source of the Angara River and the legendary Shaman Stone.

We will visit the Ethnographic Museum in Taltsy village. The unique park-museum under the open air, where you can see a collection of architectural artefacts that were doomed to drown during the construction of numerous hydroelectric stations on the Angara River.

You will have a unique opportunity to have lunch at a real “Tavern”!

Back to the hotel.

Meals: breakfast, supper.

Accommodation: hotel / apartment (Irkutsk)

Day 4

Travel to Arshan mountain village, located in Tunkinskaya valley (the southern part of lake Baikal). Stop at the observation point, which offers a breathtaking view of the lake. (Lunch is not included).

A walk to the drinking water well.

On Buryat land there is a law: if you took something, you should give something else in return. If a person drank the healing water, that was given by the spirits (ezhyn) of the sacred place, he should leave something as a sign of gratitude. As guests, we will perform a gratitude ceremony, treat ezhyn with wine, tie up satin ribbons as a sign of great respect and continue our tour. On the departure day, we will honor the spirits of Arshan, pray for health and longevity, and thank the spirits for a wonderful stay.

Walk around the waterfalls of the Kyngarga River.

The mineral waters of Arshan are good for the gastrointestinal tract. Pure mountain air combined with mineral water has a wonderful healing effect for tired citizens, and a path to the waterfalls of Kyngarga river according to ancient beliefs prolongs human life for as many years, as many times he has been to Arshan.

We will definitely visit Khoymorskiy datsan, located in a quiet and peaceful place near the Arshan village.

A traditional building in oriental style with observance of all the Buddhist rules. As a sign of respect, we will go through the Goroo (circle) clockwise for purification from bad acts that were committed in current and past lives, then spin the prayer cylinders to activate mantras within them, and only after that we will go inside the temple (optional).

Trip to Zhemchug (pearl) village.

We will get a great amount of energy, visiting hot springs and curative mud of Zhemchug village. There is nothing like a nice hot mineral outdoor shower! Methane baths relax, restore our nervous system and have an anti-aging effect. Mineral mud is used for musculoskeletal system treatment. The healing springs of Zhemchug village are recommended as a treatment of male and female diseases.

Travel back to the hotel.

Meals: breakfast, supper.

Accommodation: apartment/ Hotel "Fregat" (Irkutsk)

Day 5

Early breakfast. Travel from Irkutsk to Olkhon Island.

The trip will take all day. Lunch at the Yurt - cafe. Acquaintance with Buryat cuisine.

Ferry across the Olkhon Gates Strait. A small trip to the camp site.

Accommodation at the camp site.

A visit to the Museum of shamanism. Walk to the Shamanka Rock (Cape Burkhan).

Photos will not be able to convey all the magic of Olkhon, only being here you can fully feel it. Shamans all over the World consider this place sacred.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, supper.

Accommodation: tourist complex (Khuzhir village)

Day 6

Excursion "Journey to the edge of the Earth!" (will take all day, lunch included).

Cape Khoboy is the northernmost Cape of Olkhon Island.

When you stand on a rock at the very edge and below there are miles of water, it seems that this is the edge of the Earth, that brave explorers and fearless characters of Russian tales were looking for…

There our path lies. To get to the North of the island, you need to overcome: a steppe landscape with incredible ascents and descents, very similar to a roller coaster, a sandy tract and impassable taiga. During the trip you will be able to see the face of the wise father Baikal on the slopes of Primorskii Ridge, fascinating ice caves and hummocks, admire the “Three Brothers” Rock, whose silhouettes were immortalized in stone by the mighty and fair father, see the edge of the Earth, make a wish at the Love Stone, learn a lot about the lake and its fascinating legends, get acquainted with traditions and customs of the local inhabitants. The impressions will be unforgettable!

Return to the hotel. Supper.

Meals: breakfast, lunch (omul fish soup), supper.

Accommodation: tourist complex (Khuzhir village)

Day 7

A water excursion to Maloye More (the Small Sea) (will take all day, lunch included).

We will visit of the biggest island on Maloye More, called Ogoy, where you can see the Buddhist stupa of enlightenment. As a sign of respect, we will go through the Goroo (circle) clockwise for purification from bad acts that were committed in current and past lives. The Goroo needs to be competed without any thoughts, doubts or anxieties. For full enlightenment and clarification of thoughts, a person needs to go around 108 times!

A visit to the mineral springs which are located on the west coast. Picnic at a picturesque Bay of Lake Baikal.

If you're lucky, you will meet nerpas (Baikal seal) on their favorite "beach rocks".

A small tip: on a water excursion take warm clothes with you: jackets, trousers, comfortable shoes.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, supper.

Accommodation: tourist complex (Khuzhir village)

Day 8

A bit of free time. Today we are saying goodbye to lake Baikal.


Travel back to Irkutsk.

Accommodation in a hotel.

Meals: breakfast, supper.

Accommodation: apartment / hotel (Irkutsk).

Day 9

Travel to the airport.

Meals: -

Tour Price: 42 000 / 50 000 rub/person

The price includes:

  • Accommodation: economy or standard, according to chosen class – 8 nights;
  • Entrance tickets to museums, excursions mentioned in the program;
  • Meals according to the program;
  • All transfers to and from various points on the tour, according to the program;
  • Guide services;
  • Payment of entrance fees to visit Pribaikalsky National Park;

The price does not include:

  • Plane/ train tickets
  • Banya (sauna)
  • Accommodation in Irkutsk before the start of the tour;
  • Additional drinks and meals (outside of what was mentioned in the tour program).
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О нас говорят
Байкал. Это, наверное, единственная мировая достопримечательность в России, которая еще осталась не загажена (простите) плодами цивилизации. Давно мечтала побывать и вот - свершилось. Цена, конечно, немалая, но не пожалела. Впечатлений - море. Вода озера - это нечто, нигде нет такой прозрачной глубины, видно каждый камешек на дне. Особенно впечатлил остров Ольхон. Вообще я впервые на острове. Ну, конечно, сувениры, кафе и прочее, как всегда - на долгую память. Понравилась экскурсия в музей - очень широкий диапазон экспонатов, от самой древности и до советских времен. Осень на Байкале настолько великолепена очарованием красок и спокойствием тишины, что отдых в этот период на берегах озера дает возможность полностью отрешиться от мирских забот и получить заряд энергии и позитива от осенних пейзажей и теплого общения в кругу близких.
2018-01-18 10:02:21
Тур брали вдвоем с мужем, остались под впечатлением, все прекрасно - природа просто обалденная, получились очень красивые фотографии. Одно только скажу сразу- с маленькими детьми будет трудновато, так как программа очень активная и насыщенная. Особенно нам запомнилась нерпа, красивое животное, и было очень классно понаблюдать за ним в дикой природе.
2017-08-11 09:37:46
Брали этот тур с мужем в начале июня- воспоминания потрясающие! Очень насыщенная и активная программа, подойдет только для тех, кто не привык сидеть на одном месте. Мы оплатили размещение уровня комфорт (гостиницы и турбазы с туалетом и душем в номере).
Мы специально выбирали тур, который бы в себя включал и экскурсию по Иркутску, и осмотр термальных источников, и посещение нескольких музеев. Особенно впечатлил мыс Хобой- просто захватывает дух от таких видов. Вообще весь тур любовались красотой местной природы- никогда не устанешь от вида водопадов, гор и самого озера Байкал.
2017-06-23 09:50:53
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