Всю жизнь мечтала посетить это чудесное место - озеро Байкал. Даже Мальдивы не так манили, как это загадочное озеро. И вот, на день рождения мои...

Удивительное во всех отношениях место. Это Мекка для тех, кто умеет чувствовать величие природы. Прозрачный, кристально чистый лед, изумительные,...

I visited Olkhon for the first time last summer. Now I can say that the beginning of summer, a great time of year to explore the island, since there...


Baikal — this unique lake on the planet! The deepest, the purest, the most transparent!

For the local Baikal is a holy site, for the guest - noteworthy, for the scientific world - mysterious. But certainly everyone who comes to its coast, feels special power and force of "The sacred sea".

Baikal as a magnet attracts vacationers and tourists from different corners of the planet isn't dependent on their age, interests, religion, a social status. And for everyone rest on Baikal will be a fascinating and remarkable event. After all there are a lot of places, worthy your attention here!

Dreams come true … on Baikal!

Once long ago, being still the young girl, I dreamed of unforgettable travel, rest, and Lake Baikal for this purpose approached as well as possible. School, training in college and university... All this took away a lot of time. But hardly there was an opportunity, I at once went to this wonderful place and already I think of learning, will cost how many rest on Lake Baikal in 2016. For now I tell you about the first travel.
As an inspiration source I chose round with very beautiful name "Fantastic Lake". I precisely knew that my rest on Baikal has to be active. Of course, it was important to me to know, how much is rest on Lake Baikal. As it appeared, not too expensively. For early booking of round I even was handed over a discount that was especially pleasant.

In other reality...

Approximately in three months I, at last, got to Lake Baikal, vacation spot where the group was placed was incredibly cozy. Our estate was pleasant to me from far away. A wonderful place in an environment of coniferous trees and with the most beautiful cloth from the purest white snow gave me so a cordial welcome and hospitably that the feeling, as if I was created at home. There was quite natural question: and why to us these Egipta, Turkey and other abroad? Here it, happiness: rest on Baikal.
To arrive to Baikal and not to bypass everything that offers this amazing lake, it seemed to me a crime. Therefore I went to study everything that is in the territory of the estate.
Having left number, I saw zones for Internet connection, library, a gym and, darling, most for me, game in tennis lightened my mood to heavens! All the time till a lunch I carried out in game on a tennis table. As food the refined food cooked only from natural products was offered us simple, but, at the same time. Generally, whatever you may say, and the lunch quite was successful.

Walk on vicinities.

As time for rest on Baikal at me was a little, I decided to come off the sports researches, and went to walk on vicinities of this quiet, magnificent and unique country.
At first I walked to the lake. Beauty … How many happiness in each drink of this curative air … And ice! The purest, giving opportunity to test a huge portion of adrenaline, walking on it. You won't believe – captured spirit, and after all on it also cars go. Especially I liked to watch fish. It is visible it perfectly, and as it nestled on an ice crust, moving lips. Generally, this day I more didn't go anywhere – it was necessary to come back to a dinner.
For the second day my Baikal rest proceeded actively. We were expected by excursion to the highland under the name the Tunkinsky valley. At first we visited the amazing settlement of Arshan located at a foot of mountain tops. Thermal mineral sources and fantastic landscapes waited for us here. After a lunch we went to hot springs of Baikal with the interesting name Pearls. Divided into two parts, they published nice defect with feeling of heat at a great distance. In one part two guys, and in another - couple of girls bathed. Having changed clothes in a locker room, I was run on ice and plunged into a source. Heat, pleasure and slackness in all body instantly spread inside. I stayed here, somewhere, hour two and went to change clothes. And soon all group returned to the estate.

"Baikal - the Snowdrift - a mega-party"

Ahead there were two days of the drive! We visited a ski resort in Baikalsk where could have fun with all the heart!
I got up on skis for the first time. In the first day I didn't manage to move down from the mountain, all the time left on training, preparation. We had simply remarkable instructor whom inspired me on a feat in the second day. I not simply slid from the mountain, and received the sea of impressions and positive emotions thus. The mountain "Sable" are cool descents, the purest air and the mad drive. Simply unforgettably! We were delighted with this part of round and thought up it very suitable name "Baikal - the Snowdrift - a mega-party"!

It is a pity that everything once comes to an end...

In the last day I saw Lake Baikal in all magnificence from a window of the excursion train. The Krugobaykalsky express brought quickly us on a gold buckle to the settlement of Listvyanka where we were placed in quite good hotel. Our rest in Listvyanke was absolutely short, but active! Besides, that we visited the unique museum devoted to Baikal I was in time drove on a snowmobile on smooth and incredibly transparent ice of Lake Baikal. Rest was successful! Was great! I spent 6 days on Baikal, and my travel was fascinating, active and very positive. And taking into account that I had a rest on Baikal in the winter - the prices were rather accepted (unlike a summer season). After that collecting and a departure home began.
Having arrived home, I felt relentless desire to return back – to that fairy tale, in that dream. It is a pity only, winter holiday came to an end. But I firmly trust: next time I by all means will return back. By the way, rest on Baikal-2016 is an ideal decision for celebration of New year and Christmas. That who considers various options for celebration, I will tell safely - don't doubt: Lake Baikal, rest, a photo, the prices – all this forever remains in your heart pleasant memories especially as Baikal rest of 2016 assumes discounts and the most convenient conditions for flight to this wonderful region.

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