Всю жизнь мечтала посетить это чудесное место - озеро Байкал. Даже Мальдивы не так манили, как это загадочное озеро. И вот, на день рождения мои...

Удивительное во всех отношениях место. Это Мекка для тех, кто умеет чувствовать величие природы. Прозрачный, кристально чистый лед, изумительные,...

I visited Olkhon for the first time last summer. Now I can say that the beginning of summer, a great time of year to explore the island, since there...

The best holiday on Baikal

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Type of tour Комбинированный
Price 71400 руб/чел
Number of days 11 дней / 11 ночей (11 days / 11 nights)
Meals завтрак, ужин
Accommodation гостиницы + турбазы + кэмпинг
You see Иркутск, Голоустное, Б.Коты, Листвянка, КБЖД, Аршан

This is a unique tour that includes all possible types of activities on the lake! A visit to caves, boat trip, trekking, kayaking, sightseeing, a trip on the sightseeing train, a visit to the hot springs, rafting!

Tour features:

  • Irkutsk and Listvyanka village;
  • A visit to the cave;
  • Boat trip to Sandy Bay;
  • Trekking along the Baikal trail;
  • Kayaking on the lake;
  • Circum-Baikal railway;
  • "Journey to the land of hills." Thermal springs of Zhemchug (Pearls);
  • Rafting on the Irkut river

Dates for groups in 2019:

Dates Price
from 13.06 по 23.06 71 4000 rub/person
from 27.06 по 08.07 71 400 rub/person
from 11.07 по 22.07 71 400 rub/person
from 25.07 по 05.08 71 400 rub/person
from 08.08 по 19.08 71 400 rub/person
from 23.08 по 02.09 71 400 rub/person

Tour program “The Best Vacation on Lake Baikal”:

Day 1

Gathering of the group at the train station or airport in Irkutsk from 8 to 9 a.m.

Travel to the hotel. Accommodation. A little time to relax.

Classic tour around Irkutsk (sightseeing, 2 hours). Dinner in the historic district of the city (at own expense).

Approximate route of the tour program in Irkutsk:

Historical origins of the city, construction of Ostrog, the town Square of Kirov, Spasskaya Church, the Epiphany Cathedral, veterans Boulevard, the Eternal flame, the Regional administration building, the Roman Catholic Church, the Moscow gate, lower quay, Znamensky monastery, the Place of Kolchak execution, Kolchak Monument, the Museum of the Decembrists, a monument dedicated to the wives of the Decembrists, Karl Marx street, local lore museum, tourist monument, Okhlopkov drama theatre, White house, upper quay, the Monument to Alexander III, district 130, Sukachev’s manor.

Meals: -

Accommodation: apartment/ hotel (Irkutsk)

Day 2


Travel from Irkutsk to Bolshoye Goloustnoye village (small Buryat village at the source of the Goloustnaya River). Travel takes about 2 hours.

Without reaching the village we will take a turn to see a real cave!

We are going to walk through the forest to the cave (about 5 km). There will be a short training session, then the equipment for exploring the cave will be distributed.

The start of our caving tour! Okhotnichya cave includes several wonderful grottoes: the grotto “The Chamberlains” (named after the discoverers of the cave), the grotto of “Skeleton” (because there are several decayed animals bodies - bears, musk deer, or even the remains of ancient people). You will see beautiful arches, decorated with mysterious stains, frightening bats quietly hanging on the walls of the cave and many more interesting and curious things.

You will have the unique opportunity to understand what real darkness and silence are like!

A lot of interesting things hide in the vaults of Okhotnichya cave. Baikal surprises us with new discoveries again and again! This tour does not require special cave exploration preparation or experience, traveling in the cave is available for everyone!

Lunch in the cave.

After an exciting experience exploring the Okhotnichya caves, you will find a hot herbal tea waiting for you on the surface.

A trip to the village. Accommodation at the camp site. Supper.

You will be amazed by the beauty of untouched nature, an extraordinary scenery of the wide valley of the Goloustnaya River, the unforgettable sound of the Siberian forest, the smells of wild taiga…

In the evening you can rent banya (sauna)!

Meals: breakfast, lunch, supper.

Accommodation: camp site (Bolshoye Goloustnoye village)

Day 3

After breakfast a trip by boat to Peschanaya (Sandy) Bay.

The Pearl of Lake Baikal! Like two guardian towers, two pyramidal rocks - Big and Small belfries - frame the Bay.

A hike to the observation point (2-2,5 hours), which offers stunning views of a perfectly semi-oval Bay!

A picturesque sandy beach is completely ours.

In Peschanaya Bay you can still find famous "stilted" trees, but unfortunately not the largest ones.

Back to the village.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, supper.

Accommodation: camp site (Bolshyoe Goloustnoye village)

Day 4

Trekking on a scenic trail along Baikal!

Visit to the St. Nicholas Church with an amazing history of its rebirth. Particularly fascinating is a dramatic story of a salvation of the Nicholas Mirlikiyski Icon, that was carefully hidden under the arches of the sacred domes.

A short training. The beginning of a hike to the Bolshyye Koty village. On your right you will be accompanied by steep banks of the Primorsky Range, overgrown with forest, and on your left - the expanses of Lake Baikal. Lunch on the lake.

Hike to Maly Cadilny Cape. We will go up to the observation point - Cadilnaya mountain, and examine the habitat of an ancient man - "Chapel" cave.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, supper.

Accommodation: camp site on the cordon of Pribaikalsky National Park (Cadilny Cape)

Day 5

Hike to Bolshiye Koty village.

This day is dedicated to the Skriper Rock– an architectural and natural monument. Ancient tools, kitchen utensils, jewelry related to the iron and stone age were discovered in its caves. Then we will go over the Devil's Bridge – an artificial excavation in a rock which is about a meter wide over a 30-meter cliff.

The trail is very picturesque and the views are amazing!

Accommodation in Bolshiye Koty village. Preparing to continue our tour on baidarkas (aleutian kayak) on Lake Baikal!

Meals: breakfast, lunch, supper.

Accommodation: guest house (Bolshiye Koty village)

Day 6


Learning how to drive a baidarka, work in a team, and not forget to admire the beauty of Baikal. To the right of us we will see Primorsky ridge in all its splendor. It will amaze us with its rocky cliffs, taiga slopes and unforgettable landscapes.

We will stop in a cozy Bay for lunch.

Arrival to Listvyanka village. Accommodation in a hotel.

Dinner at a cafe in Listvyanka village (at own expense)

Meals: breakfast, lunch, supper

Accommodation: hotel (Listvyanka village)

Day 7

We will visit the Limnological Museum that very clearly presents all the information about the great lake. Exhibitions are devoted to the history of the lake, the specifics of natural landscapes, seismic environment, the animal world of Baikal and the history of its studying.

The aquarium in which tourists can study Baikal fish, crustaceans and even cute and modest nerpas (Baikal seals) is everyone’s favorite exhibition.

On the second floor you will get acquainted with the tiniest inhabitants of Baikal. With the help of electric microscopes, it is possible to study tiny crustaceans, worms, fish eggs etc. in detail. At the end of the tour you will virtually dive into pure Baikal water. You will have an opportunity to become real researchers!

The climb to the observation point "Chersky Stone" which offers a beautiful view: entire Listvennichny (Larch) Bay, famous source of the Angara River and the legendary Shaman Stone.

Lunch at a café (at own expense)

We will also visit the Ethnographic Museum in Taltsy village. The unique park-museum under the open air, where you can see a collection of architectural artefacts that were doomed to drown during the construction of numerous hydroelectric stations on the Angara River.

You will see the estates of wealthy peasants, Volost Uprava, parochial school, the Spassky Tower of Ilimsky Ostrog.

Our Lady of Kazan Orthodox Cathedral, which was built XVII th century has a fair – shops and a square, where you can test your strength in different village competitions, such as "pillow" fights or stilt walking.

Taltsy is a great place for family holidays. Both children and adults enjoy swinging on Siberian swings and horseback riding. And in winter, there is also a favorite Russian fun - to ride the hill on a cow skin.

Here everyone can take part in a master class on pottery, birch bark art, making dolls and clay toys tutorial!

Meals: breakfast, supper.

Accommodation: hotel (Listvyanka village)

Day 8

This day is dedicated to one of the legendary objects on Baikal - the Circum-Baikal railway! We will make a small trip to the pier and pass the spring of the Angara River on a ship. At the port - Baikal station we will board on a sightseeing train and go on an exciting ride through the tunnels of the tsarist times, making stops for information blocks and photos. After an exciting trip there will be a small trip to the tourist base almost on the shore of Lake Baikal, where you will be able to dine and relax.

Meals: breakfast, super.

Accommodation: tourist base (Kultuk village)

КБЖД Крогобайкальский экспресс

Day 9

Early breakfast and check out at 7a.m.

We will visit Arshan village, placed at the foot of the majestic mountain peaks of Sayany. Moving to the south from Baikal along the wide Tunkinskaya valley between two mountain ranges (Sayany and Hamar-Daban) – that looks like a landscape from another reality, where time stops in a flow of bizarre clouds, in an endless flight of a proud eagle, in a sleepy movement of horses on endless expanses of the valley… But we are in a hurry to discover the wonderful world of Baikal gifts.

A walk to the drinking water well.

On Buryat land there is a law: if you took something, you should give something else in return. If a person drank the healing water, that was given by the spirits (ezhyn) of the sacred place, he should leave something as a sign of gratitude. As guests, we will perform a gratitude ceremony, treat ezhyn with wine, tie up satin ribbons as a sign of great respect and continue our tour. On the departure day, we will honor the spirits of Arshan, pray for health and longevity, and thank the spirits for a wonderful stay.

Walk around the waterfalls of the Kyngarga River.

The mineral waters of Arshan are good for the gastrointestinal tract. Pure mountain air combined with mineral water has a wonderful healing effect for tired citizens, and a path to the waterfalls of Kyngarga River according to ancient beliefs prolongs human life for as many years, as many times he has been to Arshan.

We will definitely visit Khoymorskiy datsan, located in a quiet and peaceful place near the Arshan village.

A traditional building in oriental style with observance of all the Buddhist rules. As a sign of respect, we will go through the Goroo circle clockwise for the purification from bad acts that were committed in current and past lives, then spin the prayer cylinders to activate mantras within them, and only after that we will go inside the temple (optional).

Но наше время идёт, и мы спешим открыть для себя удивительный мир байкальских даров.

Trip to Zhemchug (pearl) village.

We will get a great amount of energy, visiting hot springs and curative mud of Zhemchug village. There is nothing like a nice hot mineral outdoor shower! Methane baths relax, restore our nervous system and have an anti-aging effect. Mineral mud is used for musculoskeletal system treatment. The healing springs of Zhemchug village are recommended as a treatment of male and female diseases.

Meals: breakfast, supper.

Accommodation: camp site

Размещение: палаточный лагерь.

Day 10

Preparation of equipment. Packing.

Safety instructions. The beginning of the first stage of whitewater canoeing which will last for 4 hours.

Saying “goodbye” to civilization. From this point there will be no connection, cafes, shops or roof over your head, and only the rapid flow of the mountain river and miles of forest on the slopes of the picturesque Zirkozunskoye gorge.

Under the guidance of an experienced instructor we will conquer not very complicated, but quite interesting obstacles: the rapid of "Kulik" (K. S. 2), Zubkoganskyye rifts, the "Small Rapid". You will notice how the speed of the river increases when approaching the next obstacle, as in the future will increase your pulse and heartbeat in anticipation of another unexpected turn!

Today is the most interesting day of whitewater canoeing, because ahead is the "Big Rapid" - the most difficult obstacle in the lower flow of the Irkut River. You cannot see the rapid, but you can hear it from far away. With roar and racket the flow sweeps through the huge rocks, forming powerful foamy waves. The passing of the rapid is better to film from the left bank of the river.

After the rapid we will make a stop to spend the night.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, supper.

Accommodation: tent camp.

Day 11

Today we will meet with several new obstacles! After passing "Kosaya Shivera" and "Ox" rapids, we exit will the gorge.

Today another two rapids - "Motskiy" and "Dog Rolls"- will be waiting for us.

Now whitewater canoeing turns into a beach, "rafting" rest. Warm water, sun and red-hot raft sides instead of a sandy beach…

Rested and sunburnt, we will approach Shamanka village – here will be the end of our whitewater canoeing. Because of the river bend the famous Shaman rock opens before our eyes in all its glory.

Drying and packing of the equipment. There is a little festive lunch waiting for us.

Travel to Irkutsk.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, supper.

Accommodation: hotel (Irkutsk)

Day 12

Travel to the airport.

Meals: breakfast

Tour price: 59 000 rub/person

The price includes:

  • Accommodation: economy or standard, according to chosen class – 8 nights;
  • Entrance tickets to museums, excursions mentioned in the program;
  • Meals according to the program;
  • All transfers to and from various points on the tour, according to the program;
  • Guide services;

The price does not include:

  • Additional drinks and meals (outside of what was mentioned in the tour program).
  • Rental of personal equipment: sleeping bag, backpack, pad;
  • Vaccination / encephalitis insurance;

Tour reservations

Thank you for your order!

+7 (499) 702-03-12

Гита, 2019-04-07 19:44:25
Всю жизнь мечтала посетить это чудесное место - озеро Байкал. Даже Мальдивы не так манили, как это загадочное озеро. И вот, на день рождения мои родители сделали мне подарок - тур по Байкалу на целых 11 дней. Это были самые лучшие 11 дней в моей жизни. Такой завораживающей красоты я никогда в жизни не видела. У меня остались только самые положительные впечатления! Советую не жалеть денег и обязательно съездить. Тем более, что в тур входит все что нужно для комфортного пребывания. В гостевых домах, где нас размещали, довольно уютно, тепло и чисто. Питание, которое указано в программе - отличное. Очень познавательные и интересные экскурсии. В общем, не пожалеете. Организация на высшем уровне.
Александр, 2018-06-04 21:59:56
Как коренной житель Иркутска сразу скажу - совсем бюджетного отдыха на Байкале не бывает)) НО побывать у священного озера хоть раз в жизни просто НЕОБХОДИМО (в крайнем случае берите кредит, но к батюшке-Байкалу приезжайте обязательно)! Здесь сумасшедшая энергетика. У меня вообще своё "общение" с Байкалом. Порой кажется, что он живой... серьезно, как будто перед вами стоит живое существо (с душой). Даже немного не по себе становится)) Рекомендую обязательно попробовать байкальского Омуля - очень вкусная рыба! Правда сейчас запрет на ловлю (весь 2018-2019 год) и просто так купить его будет оооочень сложно. Вода, к сожалению, хорошо не прогревается (это все-таки Сибирь - лето коротенькое, а глубина у Байкала более 1 км!), но искупаться и омолодиться в водах уникального озера должен каждый, посетивший его))
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