Столешников переулок, д.11, оф.205
Столешников переулок, д.11, оф.205
Type of tour трэкинг / walking tour
Price 36 000 руб/чел

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+7 (499) 702-03-12

Number of days 11 дней / 11 ночей (11 days / 11 nights)
Meals походное трёхразовое
Accommodation палаточный лагерь + турбаза
You see Иркутск, Шумак, Листвянка

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Tour features:

  • Visit to the Baikal Museum in Listvyanka village;
  • A hiking tour! Shumak springs. About 50 km in one direction! Difficulty: Shumak Pass - 1A category of difficulty;
  • 2 days in Arshan village with accommodation at the camp site;
  • Hot springs of Arshan.

The valley of Shumak springs is a unique place, as it gives life to more than 100 mineral springs, different in composition, acidity and effects on the body. All the best properties of mineral waters of Kislovodsk, Pyatigorsk, Tskaltubo and Naftusy are concentrated in those springs. In the valley of the river Shumak there are more than 100 outputs of carbon dioxide water, diverse in content of carbon dioxide and radon, so it is also called valley of 100 sources.

You should have at least some physical training, understanding that you are going to the mountains!
Be sure to have a sleeping bag, 2 sets of clothing, trekking and spare shoes. The full list of necessary equipment you can find in the EQUIPMENT FOR HIKING AND MOUNTAIN TOURS section.


Dates or groups in 2018:


from 29.06 to 09.07 36 000 rub/person
from 13.07 to 23.07 36 000 rub/person
from 27.07 to 06.08 36 000 rub/person
from 10.08 to 20.08 36 000 rub/person

Tour program "The valley of the Shumak springs":

Day 1

Gathering of the group at the train station or airport in Irkutsk in the morning (time and place will be specified).

Travel from Irkutsk to Nilova Pustyn. Safety instructions.

Today we will have to overcome 5-6 kilometers with a small climb.

Organization of the camp.

Meals: supper

Accommodation: camping

Day 2

Early rise.

From here we will go to the trail, pass the lakes. From the lakes the trail passes a swamp up to a long, steep descent; a climb up to the forest border, organization of the camp, campfire.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, supper.

Accommodation: camping.

Day 3

Moving up along the Ekhe-Ger river. Here we will see a beautiful Alpine landscape, a powerful stream of the mountain river and a panorama of the Shumak circus. The height of the Shumak Pass is 2700m. We will have to overcome a long ascent to the pass by making stops to catch our breath. The view from the top of the pass is stunning! The descent down to the ice lakes of Nogon - Nur. Continuing our hike to the picturesque waterfall, where we will make our camp.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, supper.

Accommodation: camping.

Day 4

We almost achieved our goall! Continuing the descent to the springs. The trail always goes along the river bank, in the forest area. After the arrival at the Shumak you will have an opportunity to stay in one of the houses, or in a tent along near the river bank. After a short rest we will walk to the springs.
Meals: breakfast, lunch, supper.

Accommodation: camping.

Day 5 - 7

You have a unique opportunity to enjoy this wonderful place. Visit the springs, Holy places, order banya (sauna), take radon baths, chat with pleasant and interesting people. The valley of Shumak springs is a suitable place for spiritual practices. If you are active we can make radial trekkings to the peak of "Three Captains" and to the "Marble" waterfall.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, supper.

Accommodation: camping.

Day 8

Today is the time to say goodbye to the healing Shumak springs.

On Buryat land there is a law: if you took something, you should give something else in return. If a person drank the healing water, that was given by the spirits (ezhyn) of the sacred place, he should leave something as a sign of gratitude. As guests, we will perform a gratitude ceremony, treat ezhyn with wine, tie up satin ribbons as a sign of great respect and continue our tour. On the departure day, we will honor the spirits of Arshan, pray for health and longevity, and thank the spirits for a wonderful stay.

Back on the same trail. Today we will reach the already familiar waterfall.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, supper.

Accommodation: camping.

Day 9

Overcoming the Shumak Pass. When you go back, it seems that you are here for the first time!

Meals: breakfast, lunch, supper.

Accommodation: camping.

Day 10

After packing we will continue the descent to Dry Creek, to Nilovka village.

Travel from Nilova Pustyn to  Irkutsk.

Accommodation in a hotel. Supper.

Meals: breakfast, lunch.

Accommodation: hotel / apartment (Irkutsk)

Day 11


Today another Baikal pearl will be waiting for us – Listvyanka village.

Visit to the Limnological Museum that very clearly presents all the information about the great lake. Exhibitions are devoted to the history of the lake, the specifics of natural landscapes, seismic environment, the animal world of Baikal and the history of its studying.

The aquarium in which tourists can study Baikal fish, crustaceans and even cute and modest nerpas (Baikal seals) is everyone’s favorite exhibition.

On the second floor you will get acquainted with the tiniest inhabitants of Baikal. With the help of electric microscopes, it is possible to study tiny crustaceans, worms, fish eggs etc. in detail.

At the end of the tour you will virtually dive into pure Baikal water. You will have an opportunity to become real researchers!

The climb to the observation point "Chersky Stone" which offers a beautiful view: entire Listvennichny (Larch) Bay, famous source of the Angara River and the legendary Shaman Stone.

We will visit the Ethnographic Museum in Taltsy village. The unique park-museum under the open air, where you can see a collection of architectural artefacts that were doomed to drown during the construction of numerous hydroelectric stations on the Angara River.

You will have a unique opportunity to have lunch at a real “Tavern”!

Back to the hotel.

Meals: breakfast.

Accommodation: hotel / apartment (Irkutsk)

Day 12

Travel to the airport.

Meals: - 

Tour price: 36 000 rub/person

The price includes:

  • Accommodation:camping/tourist base/guest house (according to the program);
  • Meals according to the program - three times a day (except for meals at cafes at the request of tourists);
  • All transfers to and from various points on the tour, according to the program;
  • Guide services. Services of a Sherpa are paid separately at the request of the group: 2500 rub per day
  • Entrance tickets to museums, excursions mentioned in the program;
  • During the active part of the route (trekking), tourists cook for themselves! Chef services are available upon request: 2500 rub per day! For groups of 10 people and more chef services are included.
  • Rental of camping equipment: tents, campfire equipment, gas equipment.

The price does not include:

  • Rental of personal equipment: sleeping bag, backpack, mat;
  • Vaccination / encephalitis insurance;
  • Additional drinks and meals (outside of what was mentioned in the tour program).
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О нас говорят
Первый в моей жизни поход удался на славу! Спасибо! Хотели байкальский экстрим - получили его. )))
Благодаря вам мои экстремальные приключения будут продолжаться. )
Рыбкина Анастасия, Москва,
2015-12-11 23:05:03
Мне всё понравилось! Неописуемая красота! Тур отлично организован и проведён! Одно из самых ярких воспоминаний о походе оставила атмосфера, созданная нашими проводниками: атмосфера дружбы, взаимопомощи, живого интересного общения. Непременно повторю это мероприятие в следующем году!
Алексеев Сергей, Иркутск,
2015-12-11 23:02:43
Очень люблю путешествия, туризм! Люблю природу и активный отдых на природе. Всегда мечтала отправиться в горы и моя мечта осуществилась!
Выражаю огромную благодарность и признательность нашим гидам! Наше путешествие проходило в тёплой дружеской атмосфере, что сделало наше путешествие приятным, интересным и незабываемым! Желаю успехов и процветания!
Латаева Елена, Иркутск,
2015-12-11 22:58:22
Очень люблю туризм во всех его проявлениях, особенно пешие и горные походы!
Мне тур очень понравился! Потрясающее путешествие, очень весёлое! Наши гиды (Ксения и Алексей) просто молодцы! Гиды с хорошим опытом проведения горных туров и с хорошим чувством юмора! Огромное им спасибо! Надеюсь на дальнейшее сотрудничество и дальнейшие путешествия!
Елена, Иркутск,
2015-12-11 22:54:53
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