Столешников переулок, д.11, оф.205
Столешников переулок, д.11, оф.205
Type of tour трэкинг / walking tour
Price 27 500 р/чел

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+7 (499) 702-03-12

Number of days 6 дней / 5 ночей (6 days / 5 nights)
Meals походное трёхразовое
Accommodation палаточный лагерь + турбаза
You see Иркутск, Голоустное, Б.Коты, Листвянка

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Tour features:

  • A visit to Peschanaya (Sandy) Bay / a visit to Okhotnichya (Hunting) cave;
  • Tracking along Great Baikal Trail from Goloustnoye village to Bolshiye Koty village;
  • From Bolshiye Koty village to Listvyanka village we will get by boat;
  • Excursions, museums in Listvyanka village are included!;
  • Accommodation in Goloustnoe village and Listvyanka village at the camp site.

Dates for groups in 2020:


from 11.06 to 16.06 27 500 rub/person
from 25.06 to 30.07 27 500 rub/person
from 09.07 to 14.07 27 500 rub/person
from 23.07 to 28.08 27 500 rub/person
from 06.08 to 11.08 27 500 rub/person
from 20.08 to 25.08 27 500 rub/person

Tour program of the hiking tour "The shore of Lake Baikal":

Day 1

Gathering of the group at the train station or at the airport of Irkutsk (time will be specified).

Travel from Irkutsk to Bolshoye Goloustnoye.

An nstructor will tell you about the safety instructions, and about the route. Lunch.

Walk to the observation point.

You will have an opportunity to order banya (sauna) (paid separately).

Meals: lunch, supper.

Accommodation: tourist base.

Day 2

Today you will have the opportunity to choose from: a boat trip to Peschanaya (Sandy) Bay or an excursion to Okhotnichya (Hunting) cave. Both excursions will the whole day.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, supper.

Accommodation: tourist base.

Day 3

A short training. The beginning of a hike to the Bolshiye Koty village. On your right you will be accompanied by steep banks of the Primorsky range, overgrown with forest, and on your left - the expanses of Lake Baikal. Lunch on the lake.

Visit to the St. Nicholas Church with an amazing history of its rebirth. Particularly fascinating is a dramatic story of a salvation of the Nicholas Mirlikiyski Icon, that was carefully hidden under the arches of the sacred domes.

Choosing a holiday in Bolshoye Goloustnoye village, you will be amazed by the beauty of untouched nature, extraordinary scenery of the wide valley of the Goloustnaya River, unforgettable sound of the Siberian forest, the smells of wild taiga…

A walk along the picturesque forest trail to a lake, hidden in the depths of the taiga forest, which fills with spring water only once in 4 years. The rest of the time the lake remains waterless, and reminds more of a meadow filled with flowers.

On this day we get to the Ushkanya ravine.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, supper.

Accommodation: tent camp.

Day 4

A hike to Cape Maly Cadilny.

We will go up to the observation point, the Cadilnaya mountain, examine the habitat of an ancient man - the cave "Chapel".

A night in the tent camp at the cordon of the Pribaikalsky National Park.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, supper.

Accommodation: tent camp.

Day 5

We will approach the village of Bolshiye Koty.

This day is dedicated to the rock Skriper -architectural and natural monument, in the caves of which were discovered ancient tools, utensils and jewelry related to the iron and stone age. We will have to pass the Devil's bridge - an artificial excavation in a rock no more than a meter wide over a 30-meter cliff.

The trail is very picturesque and the views are amazing!

From Bolshiye Koty village we will go to Listvyanka village water. Accommodation in Listvyanka village.

It will be possible to order banya (sauna)!

Meals: breakfast, lunch, supper.

Accommodation: tourist base/guest house/hotel (Listvyanka).

Day 6

We will visit the Limnological Museum that very clearly presents all the information about the great lake. Exhibitions are devoted to the history of the lake, the specifics of natural landscapes, seismic environment, the animal world of Baikal and the history of its studying.

The aquarium in which tourists can study Baikal fish, crustaceans and even cute and modest nerpas (Baikal seals) is everyone’s favorite exhibition.

On the second floor you will get acquainted with the tiniest inhabitants of Baikal. With the help of electric microscopes, it is possible to study tiny crustaceans, worms, fish eggs etc. in detail.

At the end of the tour you will virtually dive into pure Baikal water. You will have an opportunity to become real researchers!

The climb to the observation point "Chersky Stone" which offers a beautiful view: entire Listvennichny (Larch) Bay, famous source of the Angara River and the legendary Shaman Stone.

We will take a look at the gift market.

Travel from Listvyanka village to Irkutsk.

Meals: breakfast.

Tour price: 27 500 rub/person

The price includes:

  • Accommodation: tent camp, tourist base, guest house, hotel (Irkutsk) – according to the program;
  • Entrance tickets to museums, excursions mentioned in the program;
  • Meals according to the program;
  • During the active part of the route (trekking), tourists cook for themselves! Chef services are available upon request: 3000 rub per day! For groups of 10 people and more chef services are included.
  • All transfers to and from various points on the tour, according to the program;
  • Guide services;
  • Payment of entrance fees to visit Pribaikalsky National Park;
  • Rental of camping equipment: tents, campfire equipment, gas equipment.

The price does not include:

  • Banya (sauna)
  • Rental of personal equipment: sleeping bag, backpack, mat;
  • Vaccination / encephalitis insurance;
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