Всю жизнь мечтала посетить это чудесное место - озеро Байкал. Даже Мальдивы не так манили, как это загадочное озеро. И вот, на день рождения мои...

Удивительное во всех отношениях место. Это Мекка для тех, кто умеет чувствовать величие природы. Прозрачный, кристально чистый лед, изумительные,...

I visited Olkhon for the first time last summer. Now I can say that the beginning of summer, a great time of year to explore the island, since there...

Travel on kayaks "Baikal Story"

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Type of tour Тур на байдарках / Travel on kayaks
Price 24 000 р/чел (24 000 rub/person)
Number of days 6 дней / 6 ночей (6 days / 6 nights)
Meals трёхразовое походное / three meals a day
Accommodation палаточный лагерь/туристическая база
You see Бугульдейка, Песчаная, Голоустное, Иркутск

The best way to admire Baikal is from the water side. If you travel the lake by kayak, you will get a lot of unforgettable memories, visit the most secluded places and feel the complete unity with unique natural world of Lake Baikal!


  • Hiking up to the observation deck;
  • Caving tour to Okhotnichya (Hunting) Cave;
  • Horseback riding to Suhoe (Dry) Lake;
  • Walk on the boat to Peschanaya (Sandy) Bay;
  • Kayak tour to Ushkanya Pad /to the Kadilny Cape;
  • Dryland dog sledding.


Be sure to have a sleeping bag, 2 sets of clothes, walking shoes and spare footwear. You can find a full list of necessary equipment in the section EQUIPMENT FOR KAYAK TOURS.

Dates of tours "Baikal Story" in 2016:

dates set of group
from 22.06 till 27.06 there are places
from 06.07 till 11.07 there are places
from 16.07 till 21.07 there are places
from 20.07 till 25.07 there are places
from 03.08 till 08.08 there are places
from 17.08 till 22.08 there are places

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ATTENTION! Rules of carrying out rounds!

Tour program "Baikal Story":

1 day

Meeting at the train station or at the airport of Irkutsk in the morning (time and place are specified in the route list).

Transfer from Irkutsk to Buguldeyka (a small Buryat settlement at the mouth of Buguldeyka river). Traveling time: 4-5 hours. Lunch in a cafe where you will try national cuisine of Buryatia (at own expense).

Today we will assemble the kayaks, make preparations for the upcoming trip and, of course, celebrate our first and long-awaited meeting with Baikal!

Meals according to the tour program: lunch, dinner.

Accommodation: camping

2 day

Safety induction training.

Let's start the journey!

We will learn how to paddle the kayak, work as a team while enjoying beautiful views of Baikal. On the right side you will admire the Primorsky Range in its entire splendor. During the trip, the range will surprise us with its rocky cliffs, hillsides of taiga wood, and unforgettable landscapes.

We will spend a night in a picturesque place (depends on economic opportunities and weather conditions).

Meals according to the tour program: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Accommodation: camping

3 day

Our journey goes on. We will see Dyrovaty cape, known for its curious arch which you can pass under on the kayak.

Today we arrive to amazing place - Peschanaya (Sandy) Bay! This bay is surrounded by two cone-shaped cliffs called Bolshaya Kolokolnya and Malaya Kolokolnya (Big and Small Belfry) which look like a watchtower.

Meals according to the tour program: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Accommodation: camping

4 day

Hiking up to the observation cliff (2-2,5 hours) which opens the stunning view of the bay with the perfect half-oval shape!

In our possession will be the picturesque sandy beach.

In Peschanaya bay you still can find well-known "walking trees", unfortunately, not the biggest ones.

Meals according to the tour program: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Accommodation: camping

5 day

We continue our Baikal journey.

In 4 km from Malaya Kolokolnya there is a Baklaniy Kamen (Cormorants Stone). The stone looks like a watchtower where proud birds cormorants are in service. These birds returned to Baikal region not long time ago. Our route passes by this stone.

Today we arrive in Bolshoe Goloustnoe settlement.

Accommodation in a tourist camp.

In the evening you can try Russian sauna (fees apply).

Meals according to the tour program: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Accommodation: camping

6 day

Visiting one of the most impressive caves of Baikal region - Okhotnichya (Hunting) Cave.

It’s going to be a fascinating caving tour adventure! The descent into the real cave! Caving equipment provided.

Meals according to the tour program: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Accommodation: camping

7 day

Hiking up to the observation deck and sightseeing. Transfer from Goloustnoe settlement to Irkutsk

Meals according to the tour program: breakfast, lunch

The price includes:

  • All transfers according to the tour program;
  • Tour guide service;
  • Permission to visit Baikal National Park;
  • Whitewater rafting equipment rentals: kayaks (2,3-seater), life jackets, paddles, dry bags;
  • Common hiking equipment rentals: 2,3,4-person tents, open tent, campfire cooking equipment, gas camping equipment;
  • Meals according to the tour program - three meals a day (except food in cafe which is at own expense of tourist);
  • Accommodation: camping / tourist camp / guest house / hotel (according to the tour program).

The price doesn't include:

  • camping rentals: sleeping bag, backpack, camping mat, dry beg
  • vaccination/insurance for encephalitis
  • banya (Russian sauna)
  • food in a cafe (additional)

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Tour reservations

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