Столешников переулок, д.11, оф.205
Столешников переулок, д.11, оф.205
Type of tour Экскурсионный / excursion tour
Price 63 000 RUB

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+7 (499) 702-03-12

Number of days 6 дней / 6 ночей (6 days / 6 nights)
Meals трёхразовое (3 times a day)
Accommodation стандарт (standard)
You see Листвянка, КБЖД, остров Ольхон, Иркутск, Голоустное

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Tour features:

  • A visit to the Baikal Museum, the source of the Angara river;
  • A visit to the NERPINARY;
  • Travel on the ice of Lake Baikal on Khivus (hovercraft)!;
  • Visits to the most interesting tunnels of the Circum-Baikal railway;
  • You will get acquainted with traditions and customs the Buryat in an ethno-complex "the Golden Horde";
  • Shamanism on Lake Baikal, a visit to the sacred place - Shaman Rock
  • A visit to the legendary Olkhon Island;
  • Grottoes, rocks and plaques of the southern part of Olkhon Island;
  • Trekking on the ice of Baikal;
  • A visit to the island of Ogoy, where the Buddhist stupa of ENLIGHTENMENT is located;
  • A visit to the sled dogs center, dog sledding, getting positive vibes by taking pictures oа Malamute's puppies;
  • A walk around Irkutsk with a guide (tour);
  • the source of the Angara river;
  • Finding new friends.

Dates for groups in 2019:

Dates Price
from 16.02 to 22.02 63 000 rub/person
from 23.02 to 01.03 63 000 rub/person
from 02.03 to 08.03 63 000 rub/person
from 08.03 to 14.03 63 000 rub/person
from 16.03 to 22.03 63 000 rub/person

Tour program “Winter Baikal magnificence”:

Day 1

Group gathering at the Railway station or at the airport in Irkutsk at 9:00.

Transfer to Listvyanka village (65 km from Irkutsk), located on the shore of lake Baikal at the source of the Angara river.

On the way we will stop to visit the ethnographic Museum of Taltsy (10:00 – 12:00). The unique Park-Museum under the open sky, where a collection of architectural artefacts that are subject to flooding during the construction of numerous hydroelectric station on the Angara.

Lunch (12:00 – 12:30).

Stop at the Shaman-stone. Admire the beauty and remember one of the most famous Baikal legends about the beauty of the Hangar.

Visit to Baikal seals aquarium (13:00 – 14:00).

Accommodation in hotel. Free time (14:00 – 15:00).

Climb to the top of the survey - "Stone Chersky" (15:00 – 16:00). The observation deck offers a picturesque panorama: view of the entire Larch Bay, the famous source of the Angara and the legendary Shaman-stone.

Visit to Russia's only Museum about Baikal (16:00 – 18:00).

The Baikal Museum is very accessible and clearly presents information about the great lake. The exposition is devoted to the history of the origin of the lake, the features of natural landscapes, seismic conditions, the fauna of lake Baikal, the history of the study of the lake.

We will visit aquariums, where Baikal fish, crustaceans and even cute and modest seals are looking forward to tourists. At the end of the tour you will find a virtual dive into the purest Baikal waters. You will be able to feel like real explorers!

On the second floor you can get acquainted with the smallest inhabitants of lake Baikal. With the help of electron microscopes can be in great detail to consider tiny crustaceans, worms, eggs...

Return to the hotel. Dinner at 18: 30.

Meals: lunch, supper.

Accommodation: hotel "Mayak", double occupancy, standard (Listvyanka village).

Day 2

We go on a fascinating journey to the Circum-Baikal railway, which is now a monument of architectural and engineering art.

Visits to the most interesting tunnels, viaducts, arches and galleries of the Circum-Baikal railway.

The tour will be conducted either on Khivus (hovercraft).

After the tour we arrive in Irkutsk.

Accommodation in hotel. Dinner.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, supper.

Accommodation: hotel "Rus", double occupancy, standard (Irkutsk).

Day 3

Breakfast at hotel.

Transfer from Irkutsk to Olkhon Island.

Departure from Irkutsk at 9:00.

Stop in the ethno-complex "Golden Horde" (10:30 – 11:00).

Lunch at the Yurt cafe (from 12:00 to 13:00). Acquaintance with the national Buryat cuisine: Buhler of mutton, poses.

Go to the village of Sakhyurta. Cross the Strait Olkhon gate on the ice.

We arrive on the island of Olkhon (approximately at 15: 00). Accommodation in hotel. Time to relax.

At 16:00 go for a walk to the sacred place - Shaman rock, where according to legend dwells a terrible owner of Olkhon Island.

At 18:00 dinner at the hotel.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, supper.

Accommodation: tourist complex “Baikalov Ostrog”, double occupancy, standard (Olkhon).

Day 4

Breakfast at 9: 00.

Excursion "Journey to the edge of the Earth" (held at the UAZ, designed for the whole day, lunch included).

Cape Khoboy is the northernmost Cape of Olkhon island.

We dive into the wonderful world of winter Baikal.

Only in winter you can see the magnificent grottoes and bizarre hummocks, rocky capes, towering majestically above the mirror surface of the Baikal ice!

We move on the ice of the Small Sea with stops in the most interesting places. During the trip you will be able to race through the icy expanses of lake Baikal, to visit the edge of the Earth, to admire the three brothers, whose silhouettes immortalized in stone mighty and just father.

We are waiting for a small lunch, organized on the ice table of lake Baikal.

You will learn a lot about Baikal, hear fascinating legends, get acquainted with the traditions and customs of local residents. The route is within everyone's power, but the impressions will remain the most vivid and, of course, unforgettable!

We return to the camp site at 16:00 – 17:00.

Time to relax.

Dinner at 18: 00.

In the evening you can order a sauna.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, supper.

Accommodation: tourist complex “Baikalov Ostrog”, double occupancy, standard (Olkhon).

Day 5

Breakfast at 8: 00.

From 9:00 to 14:00 – tour of the southern part of the island (held at the UAZ Bukhanka).

During the tour we will walk to the island of Ogoy (about 4 km on foot): visit the largest island on the Small sea, where the Buddhist stupa of enlightenment is located. As a sign of respect is not familiar to us culture will pass the Mountain clockwise to cleanse of the acts that were committed in the present and past lives. To walk the stone path have disabling thoughts, doubts, anxiety. For enlightenment, clarification of thoughts, you need to go 108 laps!

Lunch from 12: 00 to 13: 00.

We arrive at the Mrs at 14: 00, where we are waiting for a comfortable transport.

Transfer to Irkutsk from 14:00 to 18: 00. Accommodation in hotel. Dinner at 19: 00.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, supper.

Accommodation: hotel "Rus", double occupancy, standard (Irkutsk).

Day 6

Breakfast at 8: 30.  Transfer Irkutsk-Maloe Goloustnoe (9:00 – 11:00).

Acquaintance with the strongest and kindest friends of man - sled dogs!

Training in sled management. We are waiting for an unforgettable trip and a lot of new experiences!

A hearty home-made lunch and hot herbal tea are so pleasant after a walk in the fresh air (13:00 – 14:00)!

Transfer to Irkutsk (14:00 – 16:00).

Evening tour of Irkutsk (16:00 – 18:00). Dinner in the historic center of the city in the restaurant "Damask" 18: 30.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, supper.

Accommodation: hotel "Rus", double occupancy, standard (Irkutsk).

Day 7

Breakfast. Travel to the airport

Meals: breakfast

Accommodation: no

Tour price 58 000 rub/person

The price includes:

  • accommodation in hotels and guesthouses: 6 nights (according to the program)
  • excursions mentioned in the program including entrance fees;
  • meals according to the program - three times a day;
  • all types of transfers in accordance with the program;
  • Guide services;
  • Payment of entrance fees to visit Pribaikalsky National Park;
  • Rent of camping equipment: gas equipment, sled, shoes for ice walking (in sizes from 35 to 43).

The price does not include:

  • Plane/ train tickets;
  • Rental of the shoes for ice walking, if your shoe size is 44--46 or more;
  • Skate rental;
  • Banya (sauna);
  • Accommodation in Irkutsk before the start of the tour;
  • Additional drinks and meals (outside of what was mentioned in the tour program).
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О нас говорят
В данный тур ездили вместе с подругой, мы давно в принципе хотели посетить Байкал, манил он нас, так как кто бы не говорил, но это и вправду жемчужина России, здесь очень красиво и благодаря грамотно проработанному туру мы это поняли сполна. Реально впечатления остались от тура самые приятные, всего за 5 дней их столько, что улыбаюсь до сих пор от увиденного.
2018-03-13 08:15:52
Это было незабываемое путешествие! Давно мечтали увидеть зимний Байкал, в первую очередь нам повезло с выбором туроператора. Вся программа была организована и проведена на высшем уровне! Каждый день был необыкновенный, поразительное зрелище байкальские торосы, остров Ольхон это нереальная сила!!!!!! Спасибо огромное всей команде Экстрим Байкал, мы обязательно к вам вернемся!
2018-02-19 16:31:56
Замечательная экскурсия, я всегда мечтала побывать на Байкале! Разместили нас в хорошей усадьбе, вообще это мой первый тур, и чувствовала я себя как в зимней сказке! На рыбалке правда мне не очень понравилось, так как я в этом вообще никак, но провести день в хорошей компании и в живописном месте было здорово! Тур запомнился, всё было очень здорово. В следующем году обязательно повторю это маленькое путешествие)
2016-12-26 23:43:49
Нисколько не пожалели, что выбрали этот тур! Выбирали между этим и Мунку-Сардык.
Большое впечатление на меня произвела буддийская ступа на острове Огой. Место имеет какую-то определенную энергетику чистоты и спокойствия. Много-много разноцветных ленточек придают этому месту особый вид.
Была у нас еще и рыблака) рыбу, я конечно, не поймала, но было очень весело. В такой душевной компании экскурсоводов и группы чувствуешь себя тепло, как дома, даже в такую морозную погоду.
Байкал зимой - это необыкновенная красота, которая поражает и захватывает дух. Какое же величие и мощь. неописуемо красивые скалы, огромные льдины и искрящийся снег. Фотографий наделала столько, что недели не хватит, чтобы всё пересмотреть.
Это просто сказка!
Ирина Калашников,
2016-12-10 14:00:44
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