Curative tour on Arshan.

When planning rest always there is a wish to combine business with pleasure. Such unique opportunity is given by tour on Arshan. Having settled down in the bottom of the Sayan Mountains mountains in the Tunkinsky valley, this resort has both mountain and balneological properties. The purest air, a crystal stream of Kyngargi, mineral sources - for everyone will be a way to improve health. It is especially convenient to make tours on Arshan from Irkutsk: quickly and admiring fine, various landscapes.

The revitalizing properties of mineral water of these places allow to use actively it for treatment to patients with metabolic disorders, skin diseases, diseases of blood system, a digestive tract and urinary tract. Even if it would be the only richness of local places – and then the release from persons interested to visit them wouldn't be. But it is far not all!

Surprising rest on Arshana

Being in the center of unique natural educations, rest on Arshan provides various options of carrying out leisure. Six-day tours are most sated with positive impressions. They included both Buddhist datsan, and landscape sights. For such time it is possible to see also a water variety: mineral bathtubs of the settlement Pearls, Crystal lake, Papias Arshan. Rest of the price assumes the various. They depend not only on trip duration, but also on its program, level of comfort and the size of group. Rest on Arshan the prices assumes durations of tour and a class of transfers, food and accommodation, higher at increase.

Than it is possible to take pleasure, having visited tour Arshan?

What beauty wait for you at round visit Arshan? On Baikal Arshan adds to rest mountain color. The purest river Kyngarga open the treasures with each turn, a ledge, rise. Locals consider it sacred, are respectful. 12 beautiful falls, each of which and in itself would deserve visit, make the real mountain cascade. In noise of water it is possible to hear nature voices, and in the smallest splashes to consider unprecedented pictures. Walk on falls for a long time remains in memory, and the taken pictures will be the real decoration of an album.

Kyngargu's river from two parties is closed by 2 mountain ridges. Ascension on one of them will give not only esthetic pleasure, but will fill with romantic feelings. After all it is called as Love Peak. The legend living in these parts at all not that occurs at once with the first thought. It that the beauty and justice of these mountains opens true love and the real, honest relations. After ascension on top, rest in Arshana 2016 will be able to slightly open them in your heart if you plan sincere recognitions and fatal acts this year.

The nature of these places strikes with the variety: greatness of mountains, boundlessness of the Tunkinsky valley suggest an idea of the geological processes proceeding here earlier. Confirmation to it are hot springs, and to this day punching the waters from bowels of the earth. With own eyes tourists can see and real, nowadays inactive, but from it not stopping being picturesque, surprising extinct volcanoes. One of them the wood also remind young growth from far away a green ant hill. Others are breaks of a tufa and slag so look a terrible reminder on reality of the processes storming in their subsoil. Rest on Arshana 2016 will allow to admire in the summer them and to see traces of volcanic activity in close proximity.

Rest on Arshana the prices provides including the very modest. How it can achieve? Very easily! For this purpose it is possible to choose to Arshan-tour of the day off. Having escaped on Saturday and Sunday it is possible and to save, and really to have a rest from vanity. Slow and on anything not the similar Mongolian market in which there will be everything: from pine nuts and mountain herbs, to camel mittens and blankets is also part of your fine rest on Arshana. The prices of all goods which are quite accepted!

What you saw, whatever water drank and in what sources nor bathed, everyone will receive, having arrived on Arshan rest. The prices of 2016 practically don't differ from the previous season and will allow to make a trip without additional expenses.

You will never forget rest, Arshan, Baikal and by all means want to return here still!

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