Столешников переулок, д.11, оф.205
Столешников переулок, д.11, оф.205
24 400 RUB
Holidays in Bolshoe Goloustnoe settlement
3 days / 2 nights
Acquaintance to natural sights of Baikal: the most beautiful delta of the Goloustnaya River, a relic poplar grove, a speleo-travel to a cave, walk by motor ship to the bay Sandy!
26 000 RUB
Listvyanka - the face of Baikal
3 days / 3 nights
One of the shortest sightseeing tours which will acquaint you with Lake Baikal!
37 500 RUB
Holidays at Lake Baikal
6 days / 6 nights
the Southern part of Lake Baikal in all beauty!
Хит продаж
50 000 RUB
The Valley of Volcanoes. Choigan and Khoito-Gol mineral springs.
27 500 RUB
Hiking tour "The shore of Lake Baikal"
Хит продаж
36 000 RUB
The valley of the Shumak springs
23 800 RUB
Journey to the land of mountains (Arshan)
3 days / 2 nights
Travel on the Tunkinsky valley, bathing in a hot spring, mineral waters of the resort of Arshan!
5 000 RUB
River rafting on Langutaisky rapid

Card: vacation spots on Lake Baikal

*The most interesting places on Baikal are marked on the map. Having pressed a tag you will see the rounds offered by us with visit of these places.

Rest on Baikal in the summer

Were tired of city noise and vanity? You look for new feelings and interesting acquaintances? You want rest and romanticism? You are fond of yoga or the photo? Then come to Baikal! We are glad to invite you to Lake Baikal and to make your rest pleasant, interesting, unforgettable!


Rest on Baikal in the summer on the one hand - the finest opportunity to spend holidays, with another - at all not to what most of vacationers got used! It not the sea coast and not ocean luxury. Rest on Lake Baikal is the Siberian weather and a mountain reservoir in the summer. There not hot, water in blankets of natural gulfs doesn't get warm higher than 15C °, winds cold, and the sun can burn. And such beauty that all this won't stop army of admirers of the unusual nature and surprising spirit of these reserved edges! For receiving a maximum of positive emotions I took advices from the Internet. After a trip they were added with personal experience which I want to share with you.


Considering that the summer to GOA and on Baikal is had nothing in common, except the name of a season, on the lake it is necessary to be prepared for a trip correctly. That has to be in your baggage:

  1. The convenient closed footwear (the sneakers, tracking boots convenient to a sandal) is the only opportunity to take pleasure in foot walks. And feet can be saved from injuries, and to pass much. Otherwise you will or sit in one place, or to buy that is on sale in local shops. Since rest on Lake Baikal 2016 gives in the summer the mass of opportunities for walks, leave sandals on a heel for city streets. They were never not useful to me.
  2. Warm clothes. I wasn't mistaken, in the summer to Baikal it is necessary to take with itself trousers and windbreakers. Huge open spaces of water are perfectly blown. If to take with itself the correct clothes, rest on Baikal in the summer 2016 won't take place in a lodge waiting for heat. Revising the pictures taken during a summer season on the majority of them we in trousers and windbreakers, especially on water.
  3. Headdresses. The burning sun and strong winds do necessary use of bandanas or similar subjects of clothes: both from a sunstroke, and will save from otitis.

At correctly picked up clothes rest on Baikal in the summer 2016 responses from you and your company will collect the most positive! After all there is no bad weather. At any atmospheric phenomena Baikal is beautiful!


The most topical issue about rest on Lake Baikal - the prices. It concerns all aspects of a trip. Rest on Lake Baikal in the summer of 2016 prices, as well as usually, will consolidate from several parts: journey, accommodation, food, excursion program etc. If you plan rest on Baikal in the summer 2016, the prices will a little decrease due to early booking. We bought plane tickets in advance, watching sales of airlines. The tendency to rise in price of services during a high season remains many years. Rest on Baikal in the summer of the price has also slightly above, than in the winter or in the spring. Now still it is possible to book a hotel accommodation at the price of last season. By my experience, rest on Baikal 2016 cheap can be carried out in the summer, beforehand having taken care of it. There are also other ways to save. For example, to take with itself instant products: noodles, potato, porridges. But I won't decide to advise it because the food on Baikal is incomparable (the omul is good in any kind)!

Program of rest

Knowing about the preferences, you will easily pick up the program for taste. Various rounds to Baikal will allow to take pleasure in beauty, opportunities, history and spirituality in that measure in which you will wish 2016 summer. If landscapes near the lake are fine everywhere, visit of caves will be optimum with accommodation on the west bank.

The cultural heritage is more presented in Irkutsk and Taltsakh. It is possible to get acquainted with spiritual shrines of Shamanism (east coast and Olkhon), the Buddhism (Ogoy and Arshan) and Christianities (Irkutsk). Fishing is good in any point of Baikal, as well as foot walks. But judges and that and another, say that from Severobaykalsk absolutely other feelings: nekhozhennost, netronutost, pristineness. There it is also possible to find rest on Baikal in the summer cheap.

If on Lake Baikal, having a rest in the summer, the prices you will call high - try to change the program. Rafting, diving, cruises on the lake will be the most expensive types of rest. If you decided to have a rest on Lake Baikal, the prices of 2016 will manage to be reduced a little if to replace expensive entertainments, at least partially, with pedestrian transitions. Then on Baikal to have a rest in the summer at the prices not of VIP level, it will become possible. In our group there were people with different hobbies therefore we chose round with alternation of expensive and budgetary types of rest. And having visited Irkutsk, Olkhon, Arshan, it is possible with a mass of impressions and having met the budget.

Escaping from vanity to Baikal, lake of rest, it is possible to agree to the prices, as an inevitable payment for inexpressible beauty and all-consuming rest.

Rest on Baikal always stimulates in the summer responses of tourists. After all during a warm season it is possible to see both storming waves, and an unruffled surface, and thickness of water, transparent to the bottom. All of us liked travel that and to you we wish!

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