Столешников переулок, д.11, оф.205
Столешников переулок, д.11, оф.205

Pay attention! Rules of carrying out tours!

Before a trip surely print out the contract and the program of the round bought by you! It contains all information on a route, volume of services, a set of excursions, placement conditions. Round is held according to this program.

Owing to action of force majeure circumstances, including earthquakes, floods, a tsunami, the fire, a typhoon, snow drift, military operations, mass diseases, strikes, restrictions of transportations, a ban of trade operations with certain countries, acts of terrorism, violations of work of public transport and others circumstances, independent of us, the firm reserves the right to change the program, without changing the volume and quality of the provided services!

We ask to pay special attention that in combined groups there can be absolutely different structure of tourists. It is necessary to consider surely age, physical, psychological, racial features of each other. The favorable, friendly atmosphere in group - guarantee of unforgettable and bright impressions!

At refusal of round in whole or in part, and also at change of the program for an initiative of tourists money isn't subject to compensation!

Features of carrying out active rounds:

  • In active tent rounds tourists independently cook! Services of the cook in addition join in cost according to the preliminary application of group!
  • Tourists independently under the leadership of the instructor are engaged in the organization of camp: installation of tents, preparation of firewood, cultivation of a fire, installation of an awning and kostrovy equipment.
  • Tourists bear responsibility for the equipment provided by firm! Together with the guide carry out loading, unloading, transportation, preparation, assembly of equipment (kayaks, catamarans, the general marching stock). Services of sherp and the additional personnel which is engaged in the organization of camp assembly of kayaks and catamarans in addition join in cost according to the preliminary application of group!
  • In active rounds the group is accompanied by the instructor-conductor. He is responsible for safety on a route, for observance of the program and execution of terms of the contract, distribution of duties between participants of group, providing the excursions declared in the program. The instructor-conductor, of course, to share all information available to it on Baikal, but exhaustive information on history, traditions, culture of Siberia, geographical these tourists receive from the guide at excursions and at visit of the museums. Additional services of professional guides, translators, animators join in addition in cost according to the preliminary application of group!

Features of carrying out excursion rounds:

  • At a choice of excursion round, we ask you to pay attention to what excursions are included in the round cost and what are additional and are offered at additional expense
  • Also pay attention to food: whether it is included in cost and in what volume!

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