Столешников переулок, д.11, оф.205
Столешников переулок, д.11, оф.205
Type of tour Комбинированный
Price 46 000 руб/чел

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+7 (499) 702-03-12

Number of days 7 дней / 7 ночей (7 days / 7 nights)
Meals завтрак, обед (частично), ужин
Accommodation туристическая база/гостевой дом/отель
You see Листвянка, КБЖД, Аршан, Верховья Иркута, Иркутск

A wonderful opportunity to try all the different types of outdoor activities, visiting the main attractions of the southern Baikal region. The tour program is full of events!

Tour features:

  • Baikal Museum in Listvyanka village;
  • "Circum-Baikal Express" tour ;
  • "The Wookiee-Park" on the Sobolinaya mountain;
  • A visit to the mountain village of Arshan;
  • Thermal springs;
  • A visit to Khoymorskiy datsan;
  • An ascent to the Peak of Love;
  • Rafting on the mountain river.


Dates for groups in 2020:


from 06.06 to 13.06 46 000 rub/person
from 20.06 to 27.06 46 000 rub/person
from 04.07 to 11.07 46 000 rub/person
from 18.07 to 25.07 46 000 rub/person
from 01.08 to 08.08 46 000 rub/person
from 15.08 to 22.08 46 000 rub/person
from 29.08 to 05.09 46 000 rub/person

Tour program “Not a day without an adventure!”:

Day 1

Today you will meet with one of the most experienced guides that specializes on Lake Baikal, go on comfortable vehicles along the Angara River to Listvyanka village at Lake Baikal. During the trip we will stop to visit the unique park-museum under the open air, where you can see a collection of architectural artefacts that were doomed to drown during the construction of numerous hydroelectric stations on the Angara River. After that there will be a delicious and hearty Siberian lunch waiting for you at "the Tavern". We will definitely make a stop at the observation point, from where you can admire the famous Shaman Stone, and hear an exciting legend about Baikal and his beautiful beloved daughter - Angara. Accommodation at a cozy hotel in Listvyanka village. A little time to relax from the road.

We will visit the Limnological Museum that very clearly presents all the information about the Great Lake. Exhibitions are devoted to the history of the lake, the specifics of natural landscapes, seismic environment, the animal world of Baikal and the history of its studying. The aquarium in which tourists can study Baikal fish, crustaceans and even cute and modest nerpas (Baikal seals) is everyone’s favorite exhibition. At the end of the tour you will virtually dive into pure Baikal water. You will have an opportunity to become real researchers!

A small hike to the observation point "Chersky Stone" which offers a beautiful view: entire Listvennichny (Larch) Bay, famous source of the Angara River and the legendary Shaman Stone.

Meals: lunch, supper.

Accommodation: guest house / hotel (Listvyanka).

Day 2

This day is dedicated to one of the legendary objects on Baikal - the Circum-Baikal railway! We will make a small transfer to the pier and pass the spring of the Angara River on a ship. At the Port - Baikal station we will board on a sightseeing train and go on an exciting ride through the tunnels of the tsarist times, making stops for information blocks and photos. After an exciting trip there will be a small transfer to the tourist base almost on the shore of Lake Baikal, where you will be able to dine and relax.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, super.

Accommodation: tourist base (Slyudyanka/ Kultuk village)

Day 3

"The Wookiee-Park" in Baikalsk!

Travel to Baikalsk. An excursion around the town.

We will go to the largest rope-park in Siberia - the "Wookiee Park".

A ride on the cable car to the Sobolinaya mountain, where you can admire the picturesque panorama of lake Baikal.

Competitions in the passage of an exciting hinged obstacle course. Lunch at a cafe (at your own expense).

Sandy beach "Red sand". Recreation, swimming in the lake.

Travel from Baikalsk to Arshan. Accommodation.

Meals: Breakfast, supper.

Accommodation: tourist base/guest house / hotel (Arshan).

Day 4


A walk to the drinking water well.

On Buryat land there is a law: if you took something, you should give something else in return. If a person drank the healing water, that was given by the spirits (ezhyn) of the sacred place, he should leave something as a sign of gratitude. As guests, we will perform a gratitude ceremony, treat ezhyn with wine, tie up satin ribbons as a sign of great respect and continue our tour. On the departure day, we will honor the spirits of Arshan, pray for health and longevity, and thank the spirits for a wonderful stay.

Walk around the waterfalls of the Kyngarga River.

The mineral waters of Arshan are good for the gastrointestinal tract. Pure mountain air combined with mineral water has a wonderful healing effect for tired citizens, and a path to the waterfalls of Kyngarga river according to ancient beliefs prolongs human life for as many years, as many times he has been to Arshan.

We will definitely visit Khoymorskiy datsan, located in a quiet and peaceful place near the Arshan village.

A traditional building in oriental style with observance of all the Buddhist rules. As a sign of respect, we will go through the Goroo (circle) clockwise for purification from bad acts that were committed in current and past lives, then spin the prayer cylinders to activate mantras within them, and only after that we will go inside the temple (optional).

A trip to Zhemchug (pearl) village.

We will get a great amount of energy, visiting hot springs and curative mud of Zhemchug village. There is nothing like a nice hot mineral outdoor shower! Methane baths relax, restore our nervous system and have an anti-aging effect. Mineral mud is used for musculoskeletal system treatment. The healing springs of Zhemchug village are recommended as a treatment of male and female diseases.

Meals: breakfast, supper

Accommodation: hostel/hotel (Arshan)

Day 5

Today we will go to a beautiful observation point – the "Peak of Love".

Stunning views of Tunkinskaya valley from the observation point of the “Peak of Love” will charm you and you will never forget about Arshan!

According to the legend, love will become stronger if two people will climb on this peak together (moreover, on the last rise it is preferably to carry your loved one on your arms!).


Meals: breakfast, supper.

Accommodation: tourist base/guest house / hotel (Arshan).

Day 6

After breakfast we will head to the starting point of our rafting.

Preparation of equipment. Safety instructions.

The choice of the river depends on the level of training of the participants and the level of water in the rivers. It can be a one-day rafting on Irkut river (upper river), the Zun-Murino, the Hara-Murin.

After rafting we will return to Arshan village.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, supper.

Accommodation: tourist base/guest house / hotel (Arshan).

Day 7

After breakfast you will have some free time to buy souvenirs.

At 12 a.m. we will leave the place and head to Irkutsk.

Accommodation in Irkutsk hostel/hotel.

Lunch at a café (at your own expense).

A little tour around town.

Meals: breakfast, supper

Accommodation: hostel / hotel.

Day 8

Travel to the airport

Meals - 

Price: 46 000 rub/ person

The price includes:

  • Accommodation: tourist bases / hotels, (standard, facilities in the room);
  • Meals according to the program;
  • All transfers to and from various points on the tour, according to the program;
  • Guide services, water tourism instructor;
  • Entrance tickets to museums, excursions mentioned in the program;
  • Rental of camping, rafting equipment.

The price does not include:

  • Rental of personal equipment: sleeping bag, backpack, mat;
  • Vaccination / encephalitis insurance;
  • Additional drinks and meals (outside of what was mentioned in the tour program).
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