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Travel to Russia to Lake Baikal in the summer, winter of 2016. The prices from Moscow.

Travel to Lake Baikal

Long ago the fact that unique beauty Lake Baikal possesses also the strongest power is known! It isn't surprising that persons interested to make a trip to Lake Baikal very much want to touch surprising creation of the nature. Here still transfer ancient legends, legends of spirits of water and the mother of the earth.

Travel to Baikal

If you choose for travel across Russia Baikal – such rest will present you feeling of deep tranquility, will restore forces. From books we know long ago that Lake Baikal is considered the most deep-water on Earth. Travel to Lake Baikal it is impossible to forget, this touch to a sacred reservoir which loads with strong power. From this nature sanctuary really takes the breath away, and travel around Baikal will leave bright impressions in your memory for many years which will inspire you on new travel across Russia and to Lake Baikal!

Holidays at lake Baikal

Each person has the idea of ideal rest, besides Baikal is various and big – any tourist will be able to pick up to himself rest on the taste and a purse here. The prices of travel of Baikal are various, all depends on the choice of a season, level of service, a type of rest. It is rather simple to much to sit in a chaise lounge on the Baikal coast under the care of travel company. Brings others a sheer pleasure to be always in the movement with a very heavy backpack behind shoulders. But all who made a trip to Baikal unanimously claim that the best type of rest is water travel on the lake.

Surprisingly, but this place attracts as fans of family, quiet rest, and fans of extreme sports which is very popular recently. Many love foot tourist walks, and others prefer the special tourist programs including an extreme or carrying out researches which demand long stay in wild conditions of the nature.

Travel to Baikal - 2016

Many routes on the Tunkinsky valley and the island of Olkhon, on East Sayan's ridges and Hamar-Dabana are developed for true romantics and fans of long and difficult roads. Travel to Baikal from Moscow will allow to enjoy bright contrast - from the noisy megalopolis in a silent cradle of the nature.

Travel to Baikal in 2016 is possible along various routes. You will be able to choose active recreation which provides rise in mountains on foot on height more than 2000 meters, or to stop in the tent town on the bank of the radiant lake – everything weight depends on your personal preferences, options here always, cruise will help to open for each tourist power and beauty of Lake Baikal, wait for you:

  • walks on foot on bays;
  • fishing;
  • acquaintance with nature sanctuaries;
  • bathing in hot springs.

Tourists will be able to observe under natural conditions the Baikal seal, during travel across Baikal, and also to see own eyes the primitive nature of Siberia mother.

For fans of the real adrenaline are organized the jeep rounds, with impassable bogs, a windbreak of the Siberian taiga, with the rough mountain rivers in the conditions of full off road terrain. Only skill of attendants and thirst of adventures will help to overcome all obstacles without jack, the winch and the tow truck. The purest mineral sources and unique views of mountains will become an award to the traveler.

Travel to Baikal in the summer

All who were here in the winter will surely want to see Baikal in the summer, with woody coast and crystal-clear waters.

Travel to Baikal will open for all comers the infinite blue water smooth surface framed with forest greens in the summer. Pedestrian tourism strikingly differs in the summer from winter and can include:

  • swimming on the lake by boats;
  • departures on horses;
  • canoe racing;
  • walks by motor ships;
  • rafting on the Siberian rivers.

Vacationers learn a lot of new about healing water of Baikal, about his fauna, and also will get acquainted with the Baikal seal.

Travel around Baikal

Every year Lake Baikal becomes more and more popular, once is better to see it, than to learn his flora and fauna according to textbooks. Travel to Lake Baikal at the price well much also includes a wide choice of entertainments and services for all age. Routes across Baikal allow to feel a set of surprising feelings and the sea of positive emotions:

  • trip by bicycles;
  • ATVs races and snowmobiles;
  • informative excursions;
  • pedestrian hikes;
  • skiing and snowboards in mountains;
  • driving on dogsleds;
  • rafting on the rivers with a big portion of adrenaline.

Unique sights are presented to Baikal by the nature mother, also history of local places is rich. Everyone should look, at least once at beauty of the nature of the lake, to go on the cape Shaman, the mountain Yord, on the island of Olkhon, to see the Devil's finger and rocks of the Shaman stone. Not less tempting is the white marble cape Sagan, also special interest in tourists is caused by the Shaman wood and the cape Burkhan.

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