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Family holidays at lake Baikal in the summer with children. Bases, prices, responses.


Baikal – one of the best vacation spots of all family. The lake perfectly is suitable for those who want to spend time far from vanity of the big city and to plunge into the primitive nature. Rest on Baikal happens to children the most different, depending on wishes of each of family members in the summer.

Seasonal rest on Baikal with children includes not only pastime near the lake, but also an opportunity to see the local sights. The set of travel agencies offers the organization of trips for Baikal which will fully allow to enjoy beauty of the lake, to see a lot of interesting and to have a rest just fine. Besides, the organization of accommodation and food is provided that is very convenient when on it there is no time. The prices of rest with children near Lake Baikal fluctuate from 2000 to 3000 rubles from the person in day. Therefore many families organize the leisure, the majority prefers option of a budget travel on Baikal with children. Some families, for economy, choose for themselves accommodation option in tents. And for those who love more comfortable conditions of accommodation there is a set of various hotels and recreation facilities.

Baikal: recreation facilities

Recreation facilities of Baikal for accommodation with children are the most different. Everyone chooses for himself more convenient option especially as the majority of them offer various excursions. Generally recreation facilities are located in such popular places of Baikal as Olkhon, Small Sea Strait, Big by Goloustnoye, the Bay Sandy, Listvyanka, Slyudyanka, Baikalsk, etc. Recreation facilities happen three types: uncomfortable, partially well-planned and well-planned. The first and not most not expensive option usually in wooden lodges without conveniences. And the toilet is in the second option of souls on each floor. And in well-planned there are conveniences in each number. The price depends on comfort degree: the more conveniences, the more expensively.


On Baikal there is a set of sights which should be visited as it not only the territory of rest with unique natural beauty, but also the place with the culture and history. As this lake quite big to see all sights independently it will be problematic. Therefore it is worth concentrating on those which are located near your place of residence.

The island of Olkhon has unusual beauty and is wrapped up with sacrament of local folklore. Such sights as the capes Shaman, Sagan-Hushun and Hoboy, lake of the Sphere of Nour, Tashkine, Saraysky gulf and the settlement of Huzhir where it is possible to hear many legends of local shamans are concentrated on the island.

Small Sea Strait is also not deprived of the sights. If you have stopped exactly there, visit such places as the cape Kurminsky, the Buddhist mortar, drawings on Sakhyurt's the mountain and the Sarminsky gorge. In the settlement it is worth looking at Baikal Port on the local beacon located on the cape Baranchik. The Baikal highway is beautiful the nature: mountains among the mixed wood and the Irkutsk reservoir. The bay Sandy strikes with beauty of the sandy beach located between two rocks the Big Colony and the Small Colony. Slyudyanka is rich with different lakes: The crystal lake, the Devil's lake, the lake Heart, and also it is worth seeing Peak of Cherskiy.

In the settlement of Utulik it is possible to look at "the Ear of Baikal", Utulik-Babkh's park, the Aluminium house. It will be interesting to children to visit such sights as the Nerpinary and Baikal museum (settlement of Listvyanka), "Semi-precious stone of Baikal" the mineralogical museum (Slyudyanka), the museum of "Taltsa" (the coast of Angara), Museum of local lore of the settlement of Huzhir.

Baikal in the fall and in the winter

Though the summer also is a tourist season, rest with the child on Baikal in September will be not less successful as the lake in every season reveals to tourists from the new party. Even in the winter it is possible to go and for improvement to be bought in thermal sources of Goudzhekit and Dzelind.

About rest on Baikal with children of responses there is a set and all of them are positive. It is always the whole bouquet of positive emotions and impressions. Beauty of the lake leaves nobody indifferent. Family rest on Baikal with children – remarkable leisure at all seasons of the year which by all means will want to be repeated again and again.

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