Всю жизнь мечтала посетить это чудесное место - озеро Байкал. Даже Мальдивы не так манили, как это загадочное озеро. И вот, на день рождения мои...

Удивительное во всех отношениях место. Это Мекка для тех, кто умеет чувствовать величие природы. Прозрачный, кристально чистый лед, изумительные,...

I visited Olkhon for the first time last summer. Now I can say that the beginning of summer, a great time of year to explore the island, since there...

Cruises across Baikal. Rounds by motor ship from Irkutsk. Excursions, prices.

Cruises across Baikal

Long ago dreamed to arrange themselves and the family unforgettable rest, but you can't be defined, where to go? There are thousands of beautiful places which I will be able to present you unforgettable impressions, however, nothing will be able to be compared to cruise across Baikal.

Today the cruise type of rest enjoys wide popularity, the small yacht or the motor ship give the unique chance to feel all features of the real water travel. Similar Baikal tours by motor ship can last not one day therefore you will be able to examine all sights and richness of the local nature. It is a remarkable opportunity for fans of the photo, during travel it is possible to make delightful pictures.

Features of water travel across Baikal

Baikal – one of the most fascinating and unique places for good rest of a body and soul. On the lake it is possible to reach by various ways. Travel on the lake by motor ship is a unique opportunity to enjoy beauty of the world famous lake with comfort.

Independent planning of travel which can be available to owners of own yachts will become favorable option for fascinating cruise across Baikal. In that case, having learned previously a route, you can make a water trip on the lake independently, without restraining yourself in time. If you have no own water transport - one-day cruise across Baikal by motor ship or travel for long term will become ideal option for you. As a rule, in big cities similar rounds enjoy wide popularity. One of such developed cities is Irkutsk where cruises to Baikal are made almost every day.

For them special comfortable motor ships which are intended both for one-day cruise across Baikal, and for week travel are allocated. As a rule, the majority of cruise travel on the well-known lake represent fascinating excursions with skilled guides who will tell you many interesting facts and stories of the well-known lake. During one-day excursions across Baikal by motor ship you will be able to see majestic rocks, rocks, islands, bays and other sights.

As a rule, the majority of trips on the lake is made in the set direction therefore you can learn in advance sights and interesting places which you visit during round. Cruises and excursions across Baikal by motor ship, lasting more than 1 day enjoy wide popularity. During similar travel you have a unique opportunity to bathe in hot springs, to visit the well-known places and reserves, and also to enjoy fishing and magic dinners in the open air. The motor ship is equipped by all necessary for comfortable travel, cabins are served: the breakfast, a lunch and a dinner is, as a rule, included in a trip.

Cruise across Baikal: the most suitable time for travel and the price

Cruises across Baikal by motor ship enjoy the greatest popularity since the beginning of June and until the end of September. During this period water well gets warm, the sun brightly shines and being reflected, sparkles in water - you will be able to enjoy swimming in the lake and bathing in hot springs, and also, beauty of local places.

Cruises across Baikal by Alexander the Great motor ship are in the greatest demand. This motor ship has been created especially for long cruise travel on the well-known lake. Travel duration by this motor ship makes from 5 to 8 days and nights. During travel on the lake you have a unique opportunity to see the known places: bays "Sandy Pearl", "The Siberian Riviera", "The Bay Sandy and the Walking Pines", petroglyphs of the rock of Sagan-Zab, island of Olkhon and others.

The majority of trips on the lake is made from Irkutsk. Cruises to Baikal from this city are carried out daily by motor ships and yachts and can be different types, at the same time the cost of travel will depend on the round duration, and also a number of people. Baikal tours by motor ship from Irkutsk – the most interesting option of travel on the well-known lake. To the city it is quite easy to reach, however, the prices of water travel across Baikal are quite high. Everything depends on comfortableness of the vessel, and also travel duration. To learn detailed information on travel, and also the prices of cruises across Baikal you can at tourist operators or having checked information on the Internet.

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