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Давно хотела посетить данное место, узнала о нем от друзей, и вот недавно моя мечта осуществилась! Из своего города выбираюсь довольно редко, поэтому этот тур запомнился мне очень хорошо, отдельную...

Я много где была, в том числе и за границей. Но Байкал - это то место, которое навсегда остается в сердце. Езжу в Иркутскую область уже не первый раз. И в этот раз решила посетить Байкал осенью. Этот...

Мне очень понравился тур на остров "Ольхон" по тому, что время пролетело очень быстро, а так же я замечательно отдохнул. Было весело, самое главное, что в этом туре нету однообразия. Обстановка все...

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Equipment for travel on kayaks

Personal equipment for campaigns on kayaks.

  1. Dry bag - is used instead of a backpack.
  2. Sleeping bag (2kh-layer, synthetic filler). Temperature of comfort +5!
  3. Skin (polyurethane foam rug).
  4. Skin (for sitting).
  5. Mug, bowl, spoon, knife (стропорез) - it is obligatory for everyone!
  6. Individual first-aid kit: drugs personally for you, an adhesive plaster, elastic bandage, means from insects, cream from suntan.
  7. Documents: the passport, the insurance policy of compulsory health insurance – to pack into tight packing.
  8. Small lamp (with a spare set of batteries).
  9. Camera.
  10. Toilet accessories (soap, towel, toothbrush …)
  11. Footwear for an alloy: gym shoes, a sandal or sneakers - will be wet!
  12. Footwear for sushi: sneakers, gumboots or sandals.
  13. Socks woolen or polartekovy (for spending the night) – 2 items.
  14. Socks x / б– 2 items.
  15. Replaceable linen.
  16. Bathing suit.
  17. Trousers and jacket vetro-moisture protective - for an alloy
  18. Layered clothing (breeches and jacket down)
  19. Sports pants (for spending the night and sushi).
  20. T-shirts – 2 pieces.
  21. Hat woolen or ears
  22. Sweater warm or a fliska (it is much easier on weight and easily dries).
  23. Warm jacket or vest.
  24. Cape from a rain (it is important point, the cape has to be strong).
  25. Headdress: hat, kerchief, cap or bandana.
  26. Sunglasses
  27. Gloves working (for work at a fire).
  28. Matches in tight packing - it is obligatory for everyone! Any means of ignition!
  29. Inflatable pillow seat mat for a kayak.
  30. Thermos small with a metal flask.

Group equipment for campaigns on kayaks.

This equipment in all rounds is provided by the company. It doesn't need to be taken with itself!

This list can change for different rounds depending on category of complexity of a route, from a place of its carrying out, and also from features of concrete round.

  1. boats: 2,3-seater kayaks;
  2. Oars;
  3. Life jackets;
  4. Helmets
  5. Germomeshki;
  6. Tents: the 2,3,4,5-seater;
  7. Axe;
  8. Saw;
  9. Gas equipment;
  10. First-aid kit
  11. Awning;
  12. Kostrovy equipment: cable/tripod;
  13. Coppers, ladle, chopping board, bowl for salads;
  14. Verkhonki, gloves;
  15. Detergent, sponge;

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