Baikal seal

Average length of a body of an adult seal — 165 cm (from the end of a nose until the end of back last). Weight is from 50 to 130 kg, a female on weight there are more males. Linear growth comes to an end at seals by 17−19 years, and weight continues still for a number of years and is possible until the end of life. Live till 55 years.

In a quiet situation movement speed under water doesn't exceed 7−8 km/h. The maximum speed is 20−25 km/h. But with such speed she swims when leaves from danger. On a firm substratum the seal moves rather slowly, touching flippers and a tail. In case of danger passes to jumps.

According to fishermen, the seal snared at a depth up to 200 m, but, as a rule, she dives on much smaller depths. The seal finds a forage in well lit zone (25 — 30 m) and her, apparently, there is no need to dive deeply. The seal is capable to plunge to 400 m, and maintains pressure of 21 atm. (In a big aquarium) when she was held under water, the seal was in experimental conditions there till 65 min. (record duration). In the nature she is under water about 20−25 min. — it to her enough to get food or to leave from danger.

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